Wednesday, February 2, 2011

thai food makes everything better..

im sure that more than half of new years resolutions are " im getting my life organized" along with "im going to go to the gym every day" ha! yeah right
i am one of the getting my life organized people..(going to the gym everyday is overrated) the only problem is that im horribly unorganized in most areas of my life.. and i hate cleaning..
1. im lazy 2. its overwhelming 3.  its boring and i would pretty much rather do anything else..

we have three bedrooms and all are a disaster.. i dont even know if i can call them bedrooms because theres only one room that you can actually "go to bed in" and thats ours..and its a wreck too!! we really dont have that romantic escape my mom talks about and insists every married couple needs..thanks for the advice mom!
so, in one room david has his keyboard, organ, guitars, karate awards, and anything else a 13 year old boy should have..annoying!
and the other is painted purple..PURPLE!! enough said..its so gross i hate opening the door and seeing that color.. but i piled my life into when i moved in, closed the door and only ventured in when i was feeling extra daring..

so today we decided to get to work and start cleaning out the purple room... but first we went to breakfast at Seaside Cafe in shell beach(its the best breakfast around i promise) and then we took a short walk on the BoB Jones Trail..short for two reasons:
1. the dogs cannot go longer than about one mile before they collapse on the ground and you have to carry them back to the car, while people say stuff like " you should really get a stroller for them" ummm, no thanks
2. and i almost pooped my pants..i had to make a mad dash to the golf course bathroom or things would've gotten real sucks but this sort of crap(no pun intended!)happens to me all the time... sick, i know..

ok, so we finally got home and before i could start cleaning i had to watch Meet the Parents(it just came out on netflix and i hadn't seen it).. but i couldn't watch it for very long without having a panic attack dying to break free and wishing i could buy a xanax from my neighbor..its the most stressful movie and Ben Stiller is so F-ing annoying it makes me want to puke..

i wish i took before and after pictures because these dont do any justice..
david checked EVERY pen he found
charlie and i took a break on the mattress(gross)
gracie always looks completely unamused

so horray we made some progress!!! and since we were so amazing we drove to Nois in los osos for some kick ass thai food..if you havent been you have to go!!!

cheerio friends!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thanksgiving all year long, minus the turkey and stuffing...

far to often i forget about all the wonderful things in my life...and you think how can this be so?
but im that person that loves to point out all the "horrible" things that are going on, such as...

this house has too much space, i really dont want to go to work today, or ever again for that matter,  i wish we had a backyard with grass and a deck, or you never do anything nice for me ( and david will say something like, i take the trash out every week, and i think , cool you should do that.)

im pretty much a bitch when i start to think about it! so today and many more days to come i will share what im thankful for..

we bought new sheets at bed bath and beyond the other day...they're truley amazing!! is this possible from new sheets, and i say yes! they make me happy and i feel like a grown up when i buy things for the house..super weird.. 

but what im really thankful for is this...

i walked in after pretending to clean my side of the room and he was doing the dishes... i never asked he just did them and it made me sooo happy!! its little things like this that make me stop and be quiet for a minute, realizing that my life is pretty cool (walking in on him doing the dishes didn't make me realize all of this in a magical way) i was just appreciative... 
i love my superficial things ( like sheets and things) but i really love the thoughtful things that only people can thankful for that..(and candy, im thankful for chocolate candy..yum)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

kids these days??

netflix is both amazing and horrible at the same time.. we decided to not have cable and do only netflix instant stream, but im not really sure my t.v watching time has been reduced..anyways, i was mindlessly looking through it the other day and came across The Secret Life of the American Teenager and DAMN!!!  either i was super naive or things have drastically gone down hill since i graduated high school..

ok, ill admit that i was a gigantic dork in high school!! the overall wearing, drove my moms mini van, talent show participant, awkward as hell dork.. so, i suppose kids were having sex and whatnot, but i seriously doubt like in this show!

i mean these kids have more sex than i do and thats just crazy..

and the clothes!!! oooh the clothes! if my kid, that was 15, left for school in a red lace bra poking out of her infant-size white tank top id have to kill her.. plain and simple...
the show makes me crazy but i cant stop watching it!! I mean i have to find out what happens to Amy and her baby..

i guess i'll just have to home school my kids one day.... KIDDING!!! that wouldn't be good for anyone involved...

my friend jesse, who is awesome, told me about a cool website last night called
its basically like a target or walmart online and they have free delivery, and its next day delivery on top of that..pretty cool huh?  so anyone who hate stores with "mart" attached to the name will be very happy about this one!! and you can shop in your p.j.s...faaaabulous!

also, if you have a sweet tooth (which i always do) get some Dreyers slow churned ice cream in Mint Cookie will make you instantly happy!!


they will instantly make you happy too!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


ive spent a great deal of time thinking that blogging is lame.. im not totally convinced that its not, but i think that my life is pretty funny and maybe someone in the world will get a good laugh..

so as far as im concerned im a newborn to the blogging world..not like a newborn in the Twilight series, where i go crazy for human blood, but a baby to how this works...writing this right now i have NO idea how its going to look once i hit "publish post"or how to add pictures with this might be wild for a bit!

starting this blog was quite an adventure in itself..i am HORRIBLE at anything that has to do with technology!! so my sweet husband offered to help me get this started and i thought it was going to be super easy... who am i kidding?? my control freakness came out in full effect and my blood started to boil..its a serious problem of mine, this blood boiling, where i want to scream and just stop everything all together... 
good thing david is the opposite of me in the self control department...
he told me to stop and go make some tea.. so i did and stopped along the way to cuddle our dogs..which always makes me happy..

and then i find myself writing this after all of that, and think " who the hell cares about my crazy ass life"??
maybe nobody, but it feels nice just writing it out... and makes me laugh at how stupid i sound!!! so i guess its not so lame..