Sunday, January 16, 2011


ive spent a great deal of time thinking that blogging is lame.. im not totally convinced that its not, but i think that my life is pretty funny and maybe someone in the world will get a good laugh..

so as far as im concerned im a newborn to the blogging world..not like a newborn in the Twilight series, where i go crazy for human blood, but a baby to how this works...writing this right now i have NO idea how its going to look once i hit "publish post"or how to add pictures with this might be wild for a bit!

starting this blog was quite an adventure in itself..i am HORRIBLE at anything that has to do with technology!! so my sweet husband offered to help me get this started and i thought it was going to be super easy... who am i kidding?? my control freakness came out in full effect and my blood started to boil..its a serious problem of mine, this blood boiling, where i want to scream and just stop everything all together... 
good thing david is the opposite of me in the self control department...
he told me to stop and go make some tea.. so i did and stopped along the way to cuddle our dogs..which always makes me happy..

and then i find myself writing this after all of that, and think " who the hell cares about my crazy ass life"??
maybe nobody, but it feels nice just writing it out... and makes me laugh at how stupid i sound!!! so i guess its not so lame..


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