Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thanksgiving all year long, minus the turkey and stuffing...

far to often i forget about all the wonderful things in my life...and you think how can this be so?
but im that person that loves to point out all the "horrible" things that are going on, such as...

this house has too much space, i really dont want to go to work today, or ever again for that matter,  i wish we had a backyard with grass and a deck, or you never do anything nice for me ( and david will say something like, i take the trash out every week, and i think , cool you should do that.)

im pretty much a bitch when i start to think about it! so today and many more days to come i will share what im thankful for..

we bought new sheets at bed bath and beyond the other day...they're truley amazing!! is this possible from new sheets, and i say yes! they make me happy and i feel like a grown up when i buy things for the house..super weird.. 

but what im really thankful for is this...

i walked in after pretending to clean my side of the room and he was doing the dishes... i never asked he just did them and it made me sooo happy!! its little things like this that make me stop and be quiet for a minute, realizing that my life is pretty cool (walking in on him doing the dishes didn't make me realize all of this in a magical way) i was just appreciative... 
i love my superficial things ( like sheets and things) but i really love the thoughtful things that only people can thankful for that..(and candy, im thankful for chocolate candy..yum)



  1. i shed a tear when i catch Alex doing the dishes. or TAKING BRUISER out to go potty. The heavens open up and sing. its soooo awesome

  2. it really is awsome!!! those little things are so HUGE!