Wednesday, January 19, 2011

kids these days??

netflix is both amazing and horrible at the same time.. we decided to not have cable and do only netflix instant stream, but im not really sure my t.v watching time has been reduced..anyways, i was mindlessly looking through it the other day and came across The Secret Life of the American Teenager and DAMN!!!  either i was super naive or things have drastically gone down hill since i graduated high school..

ok, ill admit that i was a gigantic dork in high school!! the overall wearing, drove my moms mini van, talent show participant, awkward as hell dork.. so, i suppose kids were having sex and whatnot, but i seriously doubt like in this show!

i mean these kids have more sex than i do and thats just crazy..

and the clothes!!! oooh the clothes! if my kid, that was 15, left for school in a red lace bra poking out of her infant-size white tank top id have to kill her.. plain and simple...
the show makes me crazy but i cant stop watching it!! I mean i have to find out what happens to Amy and her baby..

i guess i'll just have to home school my kids one day.... KIDDING!!! that wouldn't be good for anyone involved...

my friend jesse, who is awesome, told me about a cool website last night called
its basically like a target or walmart online and they have free delivery, and its next day delivery on top of that..pretty cool huh?  so anyone who hate stores with "mart" attached to the name will be very happy about this one!! and you can shop in your p.j.s...faaaabulous!

also, if you have a sweet tooth (which i always do) get some Dreyers slow churned ice cream in Mint Cookie will make you instantly happy!!


they will instantly make you happy too!!


  1. they definitely instantly make me happy! also, my boyfriend is going to die over because hes a creep and used to order toothpaste and floss over the internet!!!!

  2. the amount of anxiety that i have over "kids these days" daily is CRAZY seriously. i obsess over what ella is going to try to do and wear and TEXTING oh lord SEXTING, you name it i think about it. i think that shaun and i will be super spys for sure. technology these days is what really scares me though, cell phones and facebook... yikes. also the clothes, moms come into my work with they're 12 year old girls and buy them $90 jeans! (i was shopping at mervyns at that age)

  3. I totally watched the first two seasons of Secret Life and I HAD TO STOP because it was just so ridiculous and so over the top. I mean, maybe some kids are like that but on that show they say the word "sex" 5 times in every sentence. It's crazy. If you want I can tell you what happens to Amy and her baby... haha. Also, I can't wait to check out I'm so into that kind of thing. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  4. oh my goodness noelle! you've tapped into yet another one of my fears. i have nightmares of olivia leaving for school dressed all cute and then changing into some slutty outfit she smuggled in her backpack! i WILL spy on her if need be. i'm pretty good at it. taryn and i will go on patrol together. oh the good times we have ahead of us!

  5. I live next to two highschools. I watch these kids everyday, walk in the middle of the street, regardless if there is a car or not, thinking that they own this world. I smell them smoking pot, smoking anything, drinking behind the trash cans, my neighbor caught two kids having sex behind the trash area...
    I see the girls walking with barely anything at 7 in the morning, when I'm dressed in sweats and a sweatshirt because its so damn cold.
    I see them making out in their cars during lunch, or just straight up making out on the sidewalk in front of my house.
    It scares me. They have NO respect for people. This morning at 7 in the morning, August..and myself and Matt still sleeping.. I hear HONK HONK, HEYYYYYY, HONK HONK, LOUD BASS, HONK...blah blah blah blah.. I'm like.. HELLO, YOU ARE PARKING IN FRONT OF SOMEONE HOUSE, HAVE RESPECT AND KEEP IT DOWN! They DO NOT CARE about anything. Whether it's having sex, what they wear, or how they treat others.
    AND also SOAP.COM, they are a sister company of But I still think is cheaper when you sign up for their auto shipping, you save like 30% off certain items. LIKE DIAPERS!!! It's amazing.
    PS. I'm glad you blog.